Sambas, Tangos and Latin American Flavors Highlight Third Concert

Third Concert to Feature Duo of Phil Weaver, Rosa Vidro Richardson

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Preparations are underway for the third concert of Music at Messiah’s inaugural concert season. The concert will take place on Sunday April 27th at 4:00 p.m.

“Toot and Twang” is the musical duo of classical guitarist Phil Weaver and flautist, Rosa Vidro Richardson. They are preparing a program filled with the lively rhythms and textures of Latin and South American music and dance.  (Given the extended chilly weather we’ve been experiencing, a trip  “South of the Border,” even if carried out via music, is a welcome thought to the author)

Phil Weaver is, as his Web site says, “an innovative classical guitarist.  He has a strong local following in Huntsville through the several ensembles he is party to. One is Consonare, a performance duo with pianist wife Ingrid von Spakovsky (she performed with Oboist Gary Parks in our second concert).  Weaver strives to make classical music interesting and accessible to an ever-widening audience.   

Rosa Vidro Richardson is an accomplished and dynamic musician as well.  A quote on her Facebook page provides a hint of the bright personality she brings to the musical mix.  “Half of the world claims they are musicians because they can “jam” on an instrument…I’m one of them.”   Her performance duo with Phil Weaver is a recent collaboration. They chose “Toot & Twang”  in contrast to the commonly held belief that serious classical music must be stiff, humorless and performed only in reputable concert halls! 

While  MAMCCS  will maintain itself as a reputable concert venue, these two talented musicians bring serious classical music to the Tennessee Valley area in a fresh and approachable way which is truly  at the heart of the Music at Messiah Classical Concert Series!    The concert is April 27th at 4:00 PM.   

Written by Meredith Kilby for the Music at Messiah Classical Concert Series.

For more information on Phil Weaver,  visit his Web site


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