Welcome to musicatmessiah.org!

Welcome to www.musicatmessiah.org, the official Website of the Music at Messiah Classical Concert Series! Please pardon our progress as various pages and content are moved over from our former musicatmessiah.blog.

It’s an exciting endeavor for everyone involved. The Website expands our ability to keep concert goers, sponsors and donors informed and connected to upcoming Music at Messiah concerts and opportunities.

So what’s new?

Please take a moment to join our Friends of Music at Messiah mailing list.  It’s free and just takes a moment of time.

Thank you for your interest and support of the Music at Messiah Classical Concert Series.   The series is a self-sustaining music outreach initiative of Messiah Lutheran Church.    Please consider supporting our series as a sponsor, donor or advertiser.   With this external support, Music at Messiah  can continue to bring exceptional live classical music to the North Alabama community.



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